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    This spring I started my first poultry adventure. Much to the (initial) chagrin of my city raised spouse. He came with every stereotypical preconceived notion you can think of, but he's a different story. My first couple batches of eggs were sad starts, but I got two darling girls. Ditzy Daisy is a white silkie and always good for a laugh. Pocahantas (Poca for short) is a warm, patient, BEAUTIFUL partrige silkie. A month ago I hatched out a healthy batch of 8 white Showgirls. Today I decided to take them all out together for a good dust bath and some garden grazing time. After the babies were done with their first bathing experience, Poca and Daisy wallowed in the dirt. Shortly thereafter I saw Poca go limp with her head all layed out in the dirt, one wing and leg sprawled out, rolled on her side mid dust wallow. She was taking one of her usual power naps. Chuckling to myself at her ability to sleep anywhere, anytime I was even more delighted to learn she snores. As she breathed she was making a noise that was something between a cat purring and a small dog growling. It was so cute listening to her snore while Daisy fervently continued bathing right next to her. The babies had all decided to take a nap under a digitalis nearby, while one of the ferile kittens played what's under that leaf.
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    My goats snore louded than any one man could ever think off!!! And my silkie crows in his sleep!
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    that's a pretty cute mental image there! and answers the question of "do chickens snore?" for me. had quite the discussion on that at home a while ago with no definite outcome. almost posted on here asking if they did haha
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    OMG - That is so funny! [​IMG]
    My house dog snores ...

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