Snorky Nostril

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  1. NorthernMama

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    We went to the Wetaskiwin Poultry show today & purchased 2 banties. (though I'm getting conflicting information on their actual breed now)...anyways. One of them, has what seems to be a misshaped nostril. She's kinda raspy - (a sound mix of purring & snot bubble conjestion) Its not swollen nor is there any discharge (though her beak is quite warm).
    We didn't notice it when we were there but now that she's perked up from being in a big cage with a bunch of her folk mates |& its just the 2 of them, we can get all inspector gadget style on them. lol
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    Nov 8, 2009
  3. NorthernMama

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    Not is not like that... instead of being even on both sides, one side seems to have more of a skin to it. But its not boogers.

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