Snow Day Homemade Chili & Cornbread

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    Very simple to make with ingredients you probably have in your pantry already. Enjoy!

    Kandace’s Snow Day Homemade Chili Recipe
    1 lb ground turkey
    1 package of red kidney beans
    1 lg can or jar of crushed tomatoes
    1 package of Great Value hot chili seasoning
    1 chopped onion
    1 bell pepper
    ½ clove chopped garlic
    Water, approximately 4 cups
    Salt, pepper to taste
    Sour cream & shredded cheese - optional

    Brown ground turkey in skillet. Combine all ingredients in crock pot and cook on high until beans are tender. Stir occasionally, but not often since the beans will turn to mush if you stir too much. Reduce heat to low or warm. Serve with cornbread and top with sour cream and shredded cheese (optional). Takes about 5-6 hours to cook in crockpot. You can also make it in a large pot on the stove. Makes enough to feed 5 people for 2 meals.

    Cornbread like Grandma Makes
    There are no real measurements here!
    Self-rising cornmeal
    1 large egg

    Heat oil in cast iron frying pan. Mix cornmeal, egg, milk in bowl until you make a smooth, runny paste. Drop spoonfuls into hot oil. Turn when bottom gets crispy and bubbles form around edges of the cornbread. When both sides are crispy, remove from oil and place on paper towel lined plate. Enjoy hot!
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    Yum! Yum!
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    Your cornbread recipe sounds great!

    IMHO sour cream & cheese on chili are not optional - they are mandatory!
    Along with some pickled jalapenos....just enough heat to make your nose run [​IMG]

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