Snow plow & Scovies don't mix well.

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  1. I lost 2 Scovie girls, Gwen & her daughter Maggie, to the snow plow today. [​IMG] We're on a small country road and there was only a bit of slush on the road so I'm suprised they came through. I'm mad at myself for not being here to keep them off the road, DH for being here and NOT checking to see what the Scovies were up to and the snow plow driver. I'm even a bit upset at those darn Scovies who "just HAVE to go see that puddle across the street" when there are plenty of SAFE puddles right here on our property as well as bath/swim bowls.
    I drove up the street after being gone for about 1 1/2hrs to see Gwen laying on the edge of the road w/ three other girls standing close to her. Maggie was a few feet away, dead & pretty torn up. I put the car hazards lights on and shooed the three girls across the street & back into our yard, grabbed up Maggies poor remains and put them into our yard, then scooped up Gwen, who couldn't walk & also looked to have a broken wing and went and set her on our front porch for a minute. Got the car into the drive, picked up Gwen and took her inside & put her in a cardboard box lined w/doggy training pad & set her close to a heat register to keep warm till I could get a good look at her. Did a quick check on all the other Scovies, the three girls that had been with Gwen & Maggie were standing in a group in the middle of our front yard looking a bit worried but were O.K. Gwen was sitting quietly in her box looking around so I hurriedly got the groceries in, checked on the chooks & called the Scovies to the back & gave them a quick snack..... which I was late with and had impatient Charlotte & Chloe pacing the back gate. [​IMG]
    I kept it together until I got a good look at Gwen....... [​IMG] She was being sooo good but not only was her wing broken but her leg was crushed. Not just broken....crushed. I had to call DH to put her down. [​IMG] I felt/feel soooo bad....poor baby. I had to tell her how sorry I was and I just cried & petted her head until DH came to take her. I'm glad DH could do that for her & me. RIP Gwen & Maggie. You will be missed.
    Gwen is in the front w/the pretty fall leaf on her face.
    Maggie - Gwens daughter.... she had just layed her 3rd egg this a.m.

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    [​IMG] I'm sorry about your girls, they were very gorgeous birds. You would of thought the snow plow driver would of seen them and stopped its not like he's going very fast or I hope not atleast.
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    I'm so sorry about your beautiful scovie girls! They were gorgeous. [​IMG] [​IMG] Those pics you have of them, are so beautiful. [​IMG]
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    So sad. Sorry for your loss. I lost two Call Ducks last week so I feel for you. Beautiful ducks you had there.

  5. I lost two Call Ducks last week so I feel for you

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    I am so sorry you lost your girls! i know just how you feel [​IMG]

    I know a lady that has a hen that looks a lot like your Gwen, that she's been trying to rehome her with me for months now.

    Both your girls were very pretty.

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    I would call and complain to your township! At least let them know that their plow drivers were being neglectful... Your ducks could as well have been small children!!! (i'd tell them that too!) It's not like your birds are all white and impossible to see... But if the driver was going at a normal slow pace, he should have seen their dark feathers and at least slowed down or attempted to shoo them off the road... Either he was being neglectful or he just didn't care. Either way, your town should now about it!

    Take be so hard on yourself... If that driver was paying attention, had at least two brain cells to rub together, or had an ounce of heart, your birds would be fine... It's okay to allow youeself to be angry at the driver.

    I'm proud of you for being able to do the right thing. I know how hard it must have been for you to make the decision to put her down. But she gets to be in ducky heaven now with al the greens, peas, and dog food she could eat!
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    I'm so sorry [​IMG]

  10. That is so sad, it made me cry.
    Poor pretty little duckies! [​IMG]
    How could you ever expect something so bizarre to happen?
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