Snuffles Treatment for rabbit?

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  1. I suspect my sick Angora has Snuffles. Since these are farm rabbits and not pets per-say, I am wondering what I would treat this with that I could get from a farm supply store?
    He has thick white discharge from his nose and one eye but it isn't alot.
    I would take him to a vet if I absolutly couldn't find anything to treat him but I find myself wondering what rabbit farmers who raise large amounts for meat or whatever treat snuffles with since it's a common disease.
    I realize I could very well get thumped by some of you for this, there will be ones who tell me I must take him to the vet, etc. I understand your point of view. It's just not in the cards right this second and I need to explore other methods of treatment first.
    So be nice! It's an innocent question.
    Also, I have 3 other rabbits who have been exposed to him but who show no symptoms. One of the them has even been caged with him at times over the last couple of months and the other rabbit is fine. Would I treat all four rabbits or just the one showing symptoms...
    The other two rabbits I literally just brought home yesterday and plunked them into a cage next to his, only to find that the angora had discharge and was acting depressed [​IMG]
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    The bunny needs to get on antibiotics asap. Snuffles is very contagious, passed through sneeze droplets in the air. I would isolate asap and confir with a vet if at all possible. Snuffles is fairly common, esp. if a rabbit has been to a fair/show. Our vet gave us a perscrip. for amoxicillin when we had to deal with this (picked it up at the fair). I don't remember if snuffles is bacterial or viral, but I'm sure a quick "google" search would answer questions.
    Good luck!
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    Antibiotics are very hard on rabbits.

    If we have to use them, we use a long lasting pennicillin. Twin-Penn is the brand name we use. It contains Pennicillin G Benzathine and Pennicillin G Procaine. Any brand that contains these types of Pennicillin will work.
    We have had better luck with the long lasting, than just Pennicillin G Procaine.

    The dosage we use is: 1/10 cc. per 2 lb. of body weight.
    We give injections SubQ 3 days apart, a total of 3 injections.
    We also give Probios orally when we give the shots, and each day until 2 days after last shot.

    I hope this helps you out.

    ETA: You might try a few drops of VetRx in the nostrils.

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    I would at least try to call your vet, I ended up running in and picking up an over half empty bottle of Baytril for absolutley free for my new guy who has/had snuffles. Funny thing is, I got home and DH says we have a few bottles of it in the barn for the cattle [​IMG]

    Our rabbit didn't have the discharge or goop or anything, but was constantly sneezing--like once every minute. And he was only getting worse. Poor little guy, he's much better though and almost done with his antibiotic. Oh and it is not fun giving that stuff orally [​IMG] I am lucky he's still super small.

    I have heard to try Terramycin in the drinking water, but you really don't know how much they're getting, especially if they're not drinking well. I've also heard to try Tetracycline, but you'll just have to read on it...I was frantic trying to find something for our new rabbit and found several things like that. They could be TOTALLY wrong, I don't know....but I know you can get both at feed stores. Good luck!!![​IMG]

    ETA: About the others being exposed--our vet said that it is his opinion that all rabbits carry pasteurella (or the bacteria, however that goes) and that a rabbit with a normal immune system is able to keep the bacteria down, but when they get stressed their immune system is compromised and it can cause a flare-up of sort. Just something to think about rabbit started the sneezing right after I'd hauled him on a 5 hour car ride home from the feed store.
    Maybe that will be good news and I hope your others don't come down sick, too!
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    I read an article once by a rabbit breeder/vet and she said that nothing really gets rid of snuffles, that antibiotics just mask the symptoms. She said that quarantine is essential in keeping your barn snuffle-free. You might have to put it down if you can't control it, because it is compromising the health of your other rabbits.
  6. Quote:Thanks, I think I read this too.

    I do wonder if the stess of a hot day made him suddenly show symptoms. We have had crazy weather here going cool/hot/rainy/windy everything in between and it was a sudden hot day when I noticed he was sick suddenly. I am thinking of housing him indoors in the AC for the summer.
    Today it was cool, and he is acting 100% better, no discharge from nose or eyes anymore.
    He was never sneezy [​IMG]

    Weird bunny.
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    I'm so glad to hear he is better!
  8. You and me both!

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