So, a free opportunity from my company for all active military!

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    Aug 24, 2010
    Let me preface this by saying I am not getting all creepy sales here. Just passing information from my company (team beachbody)that might benefit someone who is either the spouse of, or active themselves in the military.

    If you've seen the infomercials for P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire, well, I work for that company. They just announced that all active military and their spouse are eligible to become "coaches" and have the monthly maintenance fee and one time sign up fee ($39.95) fee completely waived. Opportunity = free

    A coach is just a fancy term denoting authorized retailer of the products. A coach is eligible to earn 25% of whatever they sell, and more importantly, get 25% discount on ANY product (p90x, INSANITY, Turbo Fire, Yoga Booty ballet, supplements, protein bars, the superfood shake "shakeology") So literally, it's absolutely free. No contracts, no commitments, no minimum to sell, no pyramid scheme. I myself like the discount on health stuff I was already buying elsewhere.

    That being said, this is just Team Beachbody 's way of saying thanks for their services; the know that many servicemen or woman do not earn very much, and their spouses have to hold the homefront down. It gives the free opportunity for someone to earn a little extra cash if they choose to, or take advantage of the 25% off.

    Just thought it was worth passing on. PM me if you need details.

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