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    I have both Red Star hens and Tetra Tint hens. Both are new to me. I have to say that they are amazing! Laying every day, and they are only 4 and a half months old, and it's winter! I have a full blooded Rhode Island Red Rooster. If I breed him to either breed, what would that be called? Look like? Are my red stars rir rooster x leghorn? I thought that a tetra tint was that cross...
    my tetras are white with some black spots, thinner type. My red stars are red with white splashing, heavier breed.

    Please help!
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    Breeding your rooster to either of those hens will give you mixed breed chicks. The females should lay very well. The offspring will be mostly red and white, and not linked to sex at all.
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    The red stars are just another name under which red sex links are sold - (cross between a red male and silver female - many different breeds can be used for this) they are hybrids (mixed breeds) and crossed to a RIR would produce mixed breed chicks. The chicks will not be sex linked as the sex linkage is first generational.
    Yes, tetra tints are RIRXWhite Leghorn. Again, crossing them to your RIR rooster will result in mixed breed chicks.

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