So Confused: Treatment for Mites and/or Worms


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Jul 29, 2009
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Hen still sick (had a previous post)

She's about 2 yo
Lethargic & Tired - she was very unsteady on her feet, but seems to be a bit better
Limp & Pale comb
some poop stuck to tail feathers - greenish color, but none of the waste in the shower (where I am now keeping her) is green - all white and black, very runny.
crop not impacted (gave a dose of olive oil when we first started diagnosing), not egg bound (that I can tell)
drinking watered down gatoraide (for electrolytes)
was eating scrambled eggs, now not eating
has been inside since Saturday morning, keeping her in the shower, with a towel over half the shower floor.

People posted that it might be worms or mites.

I have been combing here and the internet and I am now more confused than ever.

I can't find any mites, but I honestly don't know what I'm looking for. I don't see any worms in her waste, but again, don't know what I'm looking for...

What is my next step?

I just need a step-by-step "Here's what you should do" guide...

Thank you so much, and Veronica (RIR) thanks you, too!!


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Apr 10, 2008
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most likely you would have seen mites if she has been in the shower since Saturday. I just lost one last night but she was very old. Try yogurt. What I read last night about worms, even if you get her back she will not be a good producer. But, I kept a chicken for over 10 years! I knew she wasn't laying but she was my friend. Good luck.

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