So disappointed with my county fair's poultry show

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    So, went to the fair yesterday. Mostly for the Tuff Trucks [​IMG] but of course got to check out the poultry barn. I don't think there are any Open exhibitors of poultry here, so I understand it's all kids, but still. These 4-H kids have leaders, right? Folks who are supposed to be teaching them? And the judges are also supposed to help them learn, is my understanding.

    I'm used to EE being shown as Ameraucana, so that doesn't even bother me anymore here. But...

    Straight combed Wyandottes. At least 3 of them, and all had ribbons of some sort.
    Orange colored birds entered as Rhode Island Reds, also with ribbons.

    One exhibitor apparently brought birds with scaly leg mites, and they were still there, 5 days later! I can't believe the vet let them in. The judge even noted the mites on the card. Plus, these same birds just looked poorly overall. Wouldn't surprise me if they had other parasites.

    The one that really did it for me was one of the uglier Faverolles cockerels I've ever seen, with a blue ribbon for best of breed. The bird had, I kid you not, a scissor beak [​IMG]Right there, on top of his scruffy beard, an honest-to-goodness complete scissor beak. My 12 year old spotted it right could a judge not see that? And a ribbon!?!

    Again, I know these are kids, but aren't we supposed to be teaching them how to select the best animals, and take proper care of them? I guarantee none of them will have a completely ruined life because their Wyandotte was disqualified from showing when they were 13.

    My younger son had been expressing an interest in doing 4-H poultry, but after seeing the obvious parasites allowed, I'm thinking it's not worth it.

    I know some of you are probably reading this, thinking "Why don't you get involved with the 4-H and help make things right, instead of complaining about it online?". Well, you do have a point, but the thing is I really don't do well with other folks' kids, so it's a bad idea for both me and the kids [​IMG]. I just wish the leaders and/or judges would hold the birds to a basic standard.

    On a more positive note, my honey got to see large fowl Cochins for the first time, and he thinks they're really cool.....maybe cool enough to work on an appropriate non-muddy pen sometime down the line. I'd love to have a yard full of those big birds, but the feathered feet and the One Acre Swamp just don't do well together. But now, there's hope [​IMG]

    Oh, and just to mention, the Tuff Truck competition (first round, second will be tonight) was won by a woman [​IMG]. A wheelchair bound woman, no less [​IMG]. I can't find a video of her run last night, but here's a link to a quick interview with her...
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    That is strange to me. [​IMG] I know the fair down here in S. Florida is wonderful. Its quite large, actually. You'd think the person in charge would have a better clue? Maybe they just don't get enough kids interested? Good for the woman in the wheel chair, that's so cool!!! [​IMG]

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