So disappointed


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Jun 24, 2014
i set 77 eggs, 12 pheasant and 65 chicken, in two separate incubators. One incubator had an automatic turner which was great and carefree, one didn't have a turn which I was used to and turned them myself like I have in the past years. My incubator with the turner started melting and I had to shut it down because it was a fire hazard. Moved everybody into the other incubator without the turner. Borrowed another incubator, put my eggs back to where I hoped would be better. Set the egg turner back up and hoped for the best.....its day 21 now and I have only had two chicks hatch....I will definitely wait the extra couple's just so disappointing. I usually have a 70-80% hatch rate so I decided this year I would sell my chicks. Already have them spoken for and I am so embarrassed that only two have hatched ☹️


A chicken will always remember the egg
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I am so sorry!
I hope that some hatch for you. Do you have any pips?
I wonder if the average temperature was a bit low in the new incubator.

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