So...Ever have take a swim with your goose?


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May 19, 2008
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I let my 2 Seb geese out of their house this morning..
Out comes my bratty gander...and he attacks me! (of course, as usual
) So i back up a step to get better leverage to grab him...or knock him on his butt..which ever i can do first..

So, as i'm backing up...i trip over a rock..
And just guess where i landed? Yup...the kiddie pool..

Ahhh! Grrr!
AND he dosent stop there... OOh no..he figured he had me while i was down
... he jumps IN the pool on me and latches on to my wrist! He hurt meeee!
and..and..and...i was all dirty and wet...and..and..and..its coooold here!

And i'm having goose for Christmas!

So, this is getting serious now! What can i do! I'm not afraid of him at all...i never let him get in the last bite...
I always make him run off and i stand my ground... I dont know what else to do!
*Playing the Rocky theme song*
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Mojo Chick'n :

OMG I can just picture that!!

yeah, definately goose for christmas!!


UGH! hes just a PIA! Too bad i love the big jerk..
Or hed be gone already..​
How old is he? I usually grab them by the neck, up near their head and firmly tell them NO several times until they seem to relax and back off a bit then let them go. If they come at me again, they get it again.

I have heard of grabbing them and pinning them to the ground. I heard they will throw a fit and scream and honk and the others may even come over and get in a few "gooses" themselves, then let them go. That seems to get their attention and respect. I haven't tried this yet, but might have to during mating season, because I have one gander in particular that is nasty aggessive then. Otherwise, he is usually fine.
What is that song....

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...."

And NOW we know where that song came from!

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dah da DAH- da da DAH! (Rocky theme song). Grab him by the neck and push his head down and hold it for a minute if he attacks you (don't get too rough). After he shakes and recovers give him a food treat. He should get the message.
If he comes at you again pull yourself up to your most erect position and walk towards him (slowly I turn, inch by inch, step by step) and don't back down. Have a broom or stick held horizontally to your body and advance, or hold your arms out horizontally and yell at him while advancing. I yell
"goose goose!"to move mine along. He will figure out you be dah boss! Hopefully you'll only have to do this a couple time at the most.
In my expirerience the bigger, stronger gander wins-you most become the bigger stronger gander!
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Thanks Banter! He must be going through teen hormones or something..
He used to be my sweet boy that followed me everywhere and make baby noises and crawled up to sit in my lap...
Now he tries to eat me!
Thanks again,, i'll try the holding his head down thing..

If you dont hear from me again...tell them to look in his kiddie pool for my body...
Used to swim with my gaggle of geese frequently. . . in the swimming pool. Since the flock pretty much followed me around all day, on the afternoons when It was hot and I took a dip in the pool, all of them just naturally followed. Funniest thing was when the pool guy finally caught them in the pool, and came to (excitedly) tell me that now he KNOWS why he was having so much trouble balancing the pool chemicals! I do miss my geese!

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