So excited about my chicks


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Northern Idaho
They arent here and wont be till April 2nd. Yet that is all I can think about right now.
I am so excited to get the brooder all set up and waiting for them. I started out with wanting 4 chicks. Then my SIL told me if I want to end up with 4 hens, then I better get 6 just in case I get an ooopps roo in there. Well after much thought I thought well I guess if I got 6 and they were all hens, it wouldnt be bad. So I thought well heck what would be 1 more so now I am getting 7 chicks. I wish I could get more, as I seem to be falling in love with every breed I read about.
I have 1 Buff Orpi, 1 New Hamp, 1 Black Austra, 2 EE & 2 Barred Rocks waiting for me. This chicken math you all have been talking about is SCARY!!!!
Welcome to the club!!
You will enjoy the breeds you've chosen!

The waiting will be difficult.....

(Just do NOT walk into your nearest TSC if you do not want to come home with bundles of little fuzzy butts.)

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