So excited candled a bakers dozen due next week


9 Years
May 2, 2010
I and my son are so excited we had a disater hatch in September only one lonely nankin...none of the eggs were fertile....but chic chic peep peep is about o have some brothers and sisters next week we candled them tonite and 11 of the 13 nankin eggs are doing well...and the further surprise was we threw in a couple of silkie eggs from our black pullet to a fertile experienced splash roo and they are both candling well so heres hoping the little guys make it next week....lock down will be Sunday for the lone chicks name my husband came up with that name....we will be ready for our shipment of silkies eggs we purchased here as the Brinsea is working awesome....happy incubating and oh yeah you are all so right that its addicitng and i am building condos in the heated barn for our new additions over the winter...

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