SO excited for Spring!


10 Years
May 18, 2010
Well our first flock of chickens has grown and are now 8 months old. I raised them from chicks and they have become such BEAUTIFUL and friendly hens. I miss them so much while I'm at school (out of state college) and am so excited to go back home.

ANYWAY, I talked to my dad today and he says, "I want more chickens. Will you get some for me?" Now, I am usually the animal pusher in the family...but this is the first time my parents have ASKED me to get more animals. I suppose he's acquired chicken math!

I told him he'd need another coop and he said "Fine." so heck yes! I know they want to add a couple more pullets for eggs now, but he said he'd let me raise some more chicks this spring! I'M SO EXCITED. Our chick supplier expanded their stock so I'm looking at getting (1 of each): Americauna, Blue Cochin (Giant I'm assuming), Cuckoo Maran, Speckled Sussex and a Wellsummer!
Nice - a summer project you can look forward to!

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