SO EXCITED!!! My first hen hatched her chicks


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Apr 11, 2010
My hen that everyone told me would probley never go broody. Well she did, and today her chicks started hatching 4 as of right now and another peeping. I moved her into our big indoor dog crate.. SHe is happy with her chicks and the rest of her eggs....

How long should wait for rest of eggs to hatch???

soo cute the current chicks hatched are one is going to be all white, one has black bars just lke the mommy, one is red, and one is black....

they are wynadotte, australorp, and buff orpington cross.
That's great, Mom will usually wait 24 hours on the nest, and then get up, abandoning whatever eggs did not hatch. Mine didn't get up after two days of no movment so I removed the rest of the eggs.
Congrats on your broody Momma, it is such a great experience.
Ya... I will give her a few days. Plus she has food and water in there with her. Wht is best food to put in front of her and chicks
up to 6 chicks now.. So cute so happy for my first time mommy....
Congrats! I love mama hens with their babies! I put chick starter with my hen and her babies. It's more important to feed the babies right, and they can't have Layena with all that extra calcium. The mama doesn't need the extra calcium either since she's not laying eggs right now. When the babies got older I started feeding Flock Raiser to the whole flock. It's safe for all of them, and I put out a dish of Oyster Shell that the hens can eat when they need calcium.
Ill try to get pics but she likes hiding her little cuties.. She has 7 other eggs under her but she wasnt sitting on them when i went out to check on her. Not sure if she has decided they arent going to hatch or what.
Momma has 2 white, 1 that will look like her white with black, red (from one of my other hens im sure), and 2 blacks.. So cute cute cute..

I have chick starter in there for them all. When they are old enough ill switch to grower they have a chicken block which has oyster shells in it and is a good source of calcium. The chickens love it.

I have 12 barred rock chicks that are just going on 2wks old waiting to join the flock... They are cuties...

I got rid of my aggressive rooster so we have a peaceful flock. My rooster I kept is happy as can be.

My black hen is jealous i think of the babies and has started sitting as of yesterday.. so more chicks to come hopefully...

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