So excited to hear my roo crow for the first time..

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by jenni22776rn, May 16, 2011.

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    [​IMG] Was so excited to hear my Mr Russell crow for the first time the other morning..then this morning..I was sipping my coffee watching my 6 month BO's Mr Russell and Ms Lizzy..loving watching my Russell Crow(yes I named him that on purpose!! [​IMG] ) when I heard another crow..Russell was back in his coop so where was that crow coming from...I searched and looked around..then I looked at Miss Lizzy..CROWING!! What the [​IMG]...I was almost positive Lizzy was a he...all this time Lizzy looked smaller then Russell and feathered out so diffrent..but I guess if I had just looked more closley I would have seen the one tail feather sticking out and curling...and the red face...I was just so sure! Now I am hoping they both get along with the ladies..I will have 9 ladies with 2 that ok? Anybody have any hints on keeping 2 roos?
    The 2 of them have grown up together and get along great and never leave each others side..I was ok with 1 I am nervous having 2. They are not bedding with my 3 adult ladies yet...I was going to put them all together next week...but now I am nervous! I have 6 little 7 week old chicks that will not be with the adults until later in the fall..I do not want the 2 roos to get rough with my 3 adult ladies...any hints?? New to the whole roo world..was not gonna even have a rooster but these are 2 of the 17 that I rescued this past feb..I would hate to have to rehome one of them..[​IMG]
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    Your 3 adult hens may prove to be too much for your young Roos to handle! [​IMG] it's not unheard of that mature hens spurn the advances of a young Roo, and may actually put them in their place with 2 of them though you never know. If the 2 roos grew up together they will be fine with each other, besides an occasional spat. As to 9 hens to two Roos, the recommended ratio is one Roo to 6-10 hens, but it also depends on the roosters. I have one Roo with 3 standard hens and 2 bantams, and they are all fine, but my Roo is a very sweet guy and takes excellent care if his girls. You may have to just watch them and see how they all get along, you may have no problem at all, or you may have 2 brothers going crazy with all these hens. I'm sorry, I know that doesn't help much, but if you dont want to get rid of a rooster youll just have to play it by ear. You may not have any problems or you may have a lot of problems, it just depends on the temperament and behavior of your roosters. If it was me I would try keeping both, and if it doesn't work out, keep the one that is nicer.
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    2 roos with 9 hens will be fine especially if the roos have been raised together. i have two brothers that do everything together neither one of them is over one another its all teamwork its kinda funny actually [​IMG]
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    i've had more issues when i've had to remove a roo and then re-introduce back into a flock. my head cochin boy was fine with younger roos being introduced if the newer boy did not chase the girls or challenge him (they usually chase the newbie off anyways before they could be touched!) i have 5 boys running together with some girls at the moment and occasionally they will have a spat with the youngest when he tries something.

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