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Apr 17, 2009
Well I am supposed to be getting my farm yard assortment today!! I am so excited! I got an email last night telling me that they had had extra chicks so my box will have 100 chicks in it!!! So now Im wondering since I ordered 2 of the farmyard assortments if I will end up with 200!?!? Im hoping not for the simple fact that I dont have that much room!! But I am excited to see what I get and the breeds of them! I will post pics and what I got later today! Wish me luck!

Oh and if I end up getting ducks/geese/turkeys/keets its alright for them to have chick starter right?
Congratulations and good luck!

I don't know about the feed, I only have chickens.
They should all be fine on chick starter. If you get ducks and geese I would eventually seperate them out and give them a duck/goose formula, or give them supplements. They need a higher niacin feed.

But saying that, my neighbor has raised all of hers together on regular chick starter and has had no problems.
Purina makes a feed called flock raiser its for a mixed flock. I know its not good to feed waterfowl medicated(depends what meds) chick starter. Turkeys need a higher protein. Check on flock raiser. Go to Purina Mills web sight. Also you will probably want to seperate the water birds from the others. I put my ducks and geese on Mazuri waterfowl starter. It lil tiny pellets not dust like chick starter all of this is made by Purina. The first few days I put down newspaper w parpertowels on top for traction. Later I begin to use pine shavings. Just raised 26 duel purpose lrg.f,33 cochins,silkies and d'uccles,4 ducks and a pair of geese. good luck
Congrats and good luck.

I don't know anything about the other birds that you will be getting other than the chicks and ducks. As far as feed, ducks definitely should not be fed any medicated feed. Also you may want to separate them due to the fact that they like to splash their water and throw their food around.

Have fun and enjoy them!!!
Well they didnt come in today as I thought! I was so bummed. Im hoping that they come in tomorrow!!

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