So far so good, assimilating a new young hen to my flock

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    I have a nice little flock of six hens, all 18 months old.
    They starting molting, the days got shorter and I was only getting one egg per day (total, from six hens).
    So I was strolling through my local feed store and saw a cute little three month old hen for $16.
    I took her home, put her on the other side of the chicken wire for half a day. Then at night, I snuck her onto the roost in the dark.
    It has been two weeks. I think it's working. For the first week if the flock was all gathered on the left side, she was on the right.
    They just avoided each other. Not much aggression. Unless the baby chicken tries to feed, they chased her. So I put multiple feeders, and scatter layer pellets twice a day.
    Now as the second week goes on she's starting to be with the flock more often.
    I think it's working : )
    She's the little brown Ameraucana in the center with less tail than the others.

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    Sounds like you are very lucky and your flock is happy and not crowded. Great to hear a happy integration story.
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    Ditto Dat^^^

    I wonder how often this happens successfully...usually we only hear the disaster stories where it doesn't work.

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