so far so good...


10 Years
Jul 18, 2009
Oostburg, Wisconsin
Well, I candled for the first time with this batch of eggs on day 11 yesterday, and out of the 11 eggs my girl is setting on, 10 of them look like they are alive and kicking! We tossed the dud, as there was just a little black spot that looked like a clot or something, and didnt look healthy like the rest. I was worried because these eggs I bought had been in the fridge for 3 days, I bought them from a local farm that sells eggs. Plus with the weather, it hasnt been the warmest here in South east Wisconsin, but my hen is doing alright second time around for her! So, hopefully the weather will stay steady and not get just too much colder outside...I plan to move them to a place with a heat source whenthe eggs hatch, but for now I did not want to disturb her nest as last time I moved her, it didnt work out...this time it looks much more promising! So happy for her as she really "needs" to do this! Guess I will keep watching and waiting...

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