So far so good?????....


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6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Ok so I am a new chickie mommy to 4 orpingtons (2 buff, 2 white) and 1 mystery loud mouth! I am hoping that said loud mouth is a hen but ... well I am just hoping! Babies were hatched on April 19th. I have had them in a rubbermaid tub with pine shavings up until today, I moved them into my old dog crate with pine nuggets that I will just scoop out. There is more room for them to make a mess and stretch there absolutely adorable little legs! All is good so far, right? Yeah, they aren't sleeping at night! The room is dark, their bellies are full, and their bed is plenty warm enough however the past 3 nights they are very restless. I had even taken to putting a warm rice filled sock in their bed for extra snuggle factor. Any thoughts?? Suggestions??? Thank you in advance!!!

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