So frustrated with Western Union and bank - Need advice


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12 Years
May 18, 2009
So, I made my house payment through Western Union Tuesday morning. I called the mortgage company, everything was fine. End of story .... not!

Wednesday I went on line with my bank and there are TWO identical transactions pending from Western Union, which means my bank is holding double the amount, I cannot access my money, and as soon as they both clear, I will be overdrawn!

I called my bank (Regions). They need a faxed statement from WU stating that the second charge is a mistake. I called WU. They say "it's the bank's mistake." They will not generate a fax for a transaction that they did not make.

I called the bank again, called WU again, bank again, WU again - two hours yesterday, three hours so far today. I spoke to supervisors at both places three different ones at Regions, two at WU.

Last supervisor at bank said to call supervisor at WU and ask them to cancel second charge. WU said no, there isn't a second charge. Bank said open a new account and put a freeze on that one. All well and good, but can't be done in time to re-route my paycheck.

Bottom line, at this time tomorrow when they both clear, I will be over $600 overdrawn at my bank! My paycheck, which is directly deposited, will be used to cover the overdrawn amount and charges. DH is unemployed at the moment and there is no other income, so I'm SOL - can't pay bills, can't get groceries or gas, etc.

The only thing either company is willing to do is lay the blame on the other! Are there any lawyers out there who can help me? I'd like to sue the pants off of somebody!
How can they get away with that??
Can you go to your bank in person? If so, I'd go and demand to speak to the bank manager. Go in hand with anything WU can give you or that you generated. The bank is at fault, they're the ones who messed up your bank account, not WU.

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