So frustrating!

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    Nov 9, 2014
    I am almost beside myself today.....

    last time we put 21 eggs into lockdown, and welcomed 17 fuzzies. Yay! 4th hatch and we are finally getting the hang of what temp/humidity to run the incubator at (after starting a couple of months ago with 4 out of 20, and those only arrived day 25 - you could say we have been on a steep learning curve!)

    Now this week I have 36 Wyandottes that I paid quite a lot of money for, (isn't that always the way?) and on day 22 we have 3 who safely hatched yesterday, but no sign of any further pipping or action. Of the 36 eggs I had concerns for 5, but was still hoping for more than 1 hatch from each 10 good eggs.

    But I've done nothing different this time! aarrgghh! I don't understand. Is someone just testing me and my perserverance? Or do different breeds require different conditions? I would have thought what worked for Araucanas and Australorps would work just fine for the Wyandottes too?

    They were bought in eggs but I only drove about half an hour to pick them up, they actually came from closer to home than the Araucanas did which travelled with me just fine.
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    Oct 11, 2014
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    Sorry to hear that. It could just be the quality of eggs. If you've never bought from this breeder you never know. May have nothing to do with the actual incubation. [​IMG]

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