So furious with my husband, I swear he sleeps on the couch tonight


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
I have never ever ever gone to bed mad at my husband in the last 12 years but by all that is holy I am going to bed mad tonight and maybe even the next night.

So we are talking about again changing all our plans. Moving back into town, getting rid of my sweet chickens, putting the kids back in public school, finding child care for the youner 2, me getting a full time job. Essentially changing all our goals we have held for the last 12 years. So I am a bit upset and worried that this will be a permanent thing since once we put a plan in place it has always been more permanent than temporary. We might say its temporary but 12 years later... Anywho so I am trying to say that and he keeps telling me what I really mean. What I am really saying. Telling me that I am wrong about what I think I am trying to say. Like he knows what I am thinking better than I do. So he said I am not twisting what you say, I am listening. I said " yea your doing a wonderful job at listening" sarcastic of course. So he hangs up. I am the bad guy for trying to tell him what my issue is and then not accepting his interpretation of what I really think. I know my mind. I know what I mean and he was not listening. I hang up on him and its a major offense. Well baby the shoe is on the foot. I love him dearly but I am angry. He can sleep at work for all I care and he can stay there until he decides to listen instead of telling me what I think. So steamed.

Sorry I have to rant. So mad.
Wow. Sorry your having a crappy day. I hate changing plans too. I went back to work after being a SAHM homeschooling our two, and it was not easy. At least I understood the reason and wasn't just "tuned out" while I said my piece though. Maybe he's just stressed, and you sound stressed too hun. Hope the night gets better. I'd write him a note and leave it on the table with his dinner calmly explaining how I felt, and hope he comes to you to sort through this and apologize for buttin in and not letting you say what you felt you needed to.

Maybe felt it wasn't family friendly, but this is what REAL families are like sometimes, so I say vent away, but be prepared to get several different opinions on your rant
Heather.. i dont blame you one bit for being upset...
First.. you guys had great plans! You were going to building a house on your parents property ..etc... right?
I dont blame you for not wanting to move to the city... I simply would not do it...
Tell me about it! Hubby spent the last 12 years learning how miserable a country gal can make one feel when forced to live in crowded conditions. Lesson he learned: Never try to make a spouse something they ain't. Gotta adapt and make changes but have to draw the line somewhere. Marriage-ugh-so much hard work!
Let us know when you want this post removed. Remember, the forum is open to the world to see, and that includes your family, your friends, your husband. Posting of personal things has come back to bite more than one person on this board in the past.

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