So here's this dog..... (long read)

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    Saturday morning...

    I was coming home from an errand and there's my two Labs trotting down the middle of the road. ??? Come to find out they had chewed a hole in their enclosure large enough to let a bull calf through. They have a ramp off the porch to a huge enclosed area and had made the hole under the ramp where I couldn't see it - but I digress...

    So usual Saturday morning, I'm running around like mad. Off I go for another errand and here's my black lab back out in the road! What? Stop the car... call him.... he flattens out in the road and crawls toward me. That's not my dog..... come here boy, you lost? Open the door in the back of the car and he jumps in. Emaciated, stinky.... very timid..... stop at the new neighbors who just let their dogs run and ask if they're missing their black lab.... yeah, he's mine, visual confirmation. This dog curled back his lips and growled at the 'owner'. Wouldn't get out of the car.... just this low rumble coming out of him.... the 'owner' backs up and won't take custody of the dog. I'm thinking this is probably a good thing..... if the dog had gone with her I would have been on the phone to animal control with an abuse report. This poor animal had been harshly treated at best from the looks of him and his actions....

    Long story short.... took the folks at the shelter about 20 minutes to coax him out of my car... poor sweetie.... he wasn't agressive - scared and reluctant would be more like it... I got scolded for putting him in my car to begin with. Well yeah.... in retrospect I guess. But I couldn't just let him keep running... and I didn't have any place to contain him until animal control could be called. Certainly wasn't going to put him in with my labs.... and he couldn't stay in teh car indefinitely....

    I guess this is another testament to hard times being even harder on 'pets'.
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    Mar 1, 2009
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    That is despicable! Thank you for helping the poor guy. At least you got him out of a horrible situation. I'm glad he saw you as safe - fear biters are so dangerous. He could tell you are one of the good ones.
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    So, he went with Animal Control? I hope they are able to work through his issues and that he will be adoptable.
  4. sussexgal

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    No, not animal control - the local shelter. I questioned them about what would happen with him. They said they would work with him and put him up for adoption when he was ready.
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    Oct 1, 2008
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    Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. ...
    We are not cat people and when a young unspayed female was dumped at our farm I was on the fence about what to do. I had her spayed at my expense, put and ad in the local paper and found a wonderful home for her. No I could not afford it but did it anyway.
    Last time I needed a new dog I went to the SPCA and asked at the desk for a medium sized dog that was very unlikely to be adopted. They directed me to a hairy brownish dog, Lexi, (my mom called her the ugliest dog on earth) that sat in the back of the cage and refused to come to the front of the cage. It took the SPCA several months to catch her, she was living off a farmers chickens. I know this story could have ended in disaster, me having chickens, but she managed to only decapitate and eat the heads off of two before I explained to her we just don't do that here. To make a long story short, she became the absolutely best dog. Loving, smart, protective, very good in the house. I had her for 10 years and would love to have another just like her. Miss her [​IMG]
    Telling you this in hopes you follow up and help her find a home. Lexi was totally different once I got her out of the shelter, she was so happy to be out of there, I hope they are able to rehabilitate her there but it would be really tough.
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    Apr 7, 2008
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    Shelter dogs are the best dogs in the world, I have two.

    Thanks for taking the time to care and pick up that poor dog. So many would have just left him there.
  7. pips&peeps

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    I'm just thinking how cruel do you have to be to make a labrador vicious???????

    Poor puppy, thanks for helping him!
  8. sussexgal

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    Oh Jean... he wasn't vicious... how do I put this.... his showing of teeth and low growl was a warning off.... when the shelter guy went to get him, he tossed treats.... talked sweet to him.... got him to finally take a treat from his hand.... with that little bit of trust established the shelter guy was able to slip a lead over his neck and the dog then let himself be petted.... no teeth, no growl. It was definitely a trust thing and with work he will make someone a very nice pet. His eyes showed sadness - poor honey.... I have 5 rescues at home now - love and patience heals many wounds. But yes..... however he arrived at being a stray, he was mistreated along the way.

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