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A chihuahua puppy adopted US today. It was bouncing around outside the fence trying to get in. Ken took it all over the neighborhood looking for someone who may have lost it. Nothing. She is adorable, doesn't shake, doesn't bark at people walking by, gets along fabulously with the kitten.

Her name is now Pepper. She is black with some brindle markings. And before y'all holler for a pic, I am gonna download it tomorrow at work - Ken already went to bed.

Outside tonight the sprinklers were on and she kept trying to "catch" the water. It was hysterical!!!!

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Don't feel bad. They generally name themselves around here. Thus Moon Pie keeps being called Tiny Baby Kitty and is beginning to answer to it.

At least Sugar and Pepper are in the same culinary family.
Pepper is so stinkin cute I can't stand it. I have never met a chihuahua that didn;t shake like a 5.0 eartquake. Nor have I met one that LOVES cats like this guy does!!!!
Congrats! YOur family is growing in leaps and bounds. lol

With the little bitty dog, never forget she's a dog. Obedience train and socialize her just like she was a 'normal' sized dog. That way she won't get Little Dog Syndrome.
A lot of little dog owners let their little dogs get away with murder because they're just so cute and tiny. By the time the dog is 18 months old, it's a little tyrant and nobody (including the dog) is happy.

I am quite sure you will do the right thing, but I just thought I'd mention it. I want you all to enjoy each other for years and years!

(can't wait to see pictures!)
When I lived in the condo, a neighbor down the street had a chihuahua named Paco. Paco thought he was tough stuff. When I got my Lily dog, Paco tired his darndest to intimidate her. Sadly for Paco, Lily outgrew him quickly (she's now about 50lbs). Paco got where he would bark like crazy at Lily and her Labrador friend Cadence and pretty much cuss them out. That lasted until he charged around the building corner one day and found himself face to face with 110lbs of resigned lab and 35lbs of exuberant puppy. Scared the willies out of that dog. He gave them both a wide berth after that.

I've met evil chihuahuas and insanely sweet ones. Sounds like you got a good one. I'm sure Sugar/Frigidaire/Salt will appreciate having a buddy.
This little thing seems to be trained already. Knows the door to go out (though the poops are about a cigarette butt size) knows when she wants to come in, does the whole bouncy thing when excited, etc. I have never ever had a dog the size of a large peanut before.
HAHAHAHA!!! This one is INSANELY sweet. I have seen some chihuahuas that are just down right UGLY. This one has a cute face - the backside is still Chihuahua ugly, but her personality wins out. She tried to eat the water coming out of the sprinklers!!!!

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