so I got my incubator...


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
Pilot Mountain, NC
it's used and I expect it works. I'm trying to figure out where to PUT my incubator. I'm thinking in my laundry room. However the lady I bought it from said that it needed to be a draft free environment. This is the door we use to come in and out of. It's the door that I let the dogs out of...But it's the best place to be out of the way of my toddler and undisturbed. what do you more experienced incubator fanatics think??? Need opinions
I have mine in my master bathroom. Another person here has theirs in their closet.

You gotta put it where you know it'll be safe. Could you do somethin maybe to protect it from drafts? maybe invert a caardboard box over it when you have to open and close the doors alot?
if your going to hatch jump in with both feet
break down and incubate them in your master bath like a lot of us do.By the back door will never work too your self time and effort by putting them in there
Some people keep theirs in a closet as well. If you have one with a real door (provided your toddler can't open them yet) maybe that would work.
Mine is in my bedroom! No drafts there!

It's the first thing I check in the morning, last thing I look at when I go to bed!
Mine are in my pantry (it was called a bedroom in the house listing, but it has no closet, no heat/ac vents, and only one outlet--bedroom my foot!), which as I just said, has no vents at all, and the doors shut tight to keep out the dog and cats. I also am down there several times a day because my laundry room is on the other side so I keep a constant eye on it. I have a second bath, which might soon become brooder central. lol
There is no way I could use my bathtub. It's a Jacuzzi tub that I LOVE and My tot takes 2 to 3 baths in it a day (because she plays hard outside and gets filthy)

Our son is moving to Wyoming in another week. So his bedroom will be the spare bedroom. I suppose I could use his closet.

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