So I got two Easter Eggers laying will the others start soon?

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    So two of my four girls are laying but once every other day so I get an egg a day. The first day I got 3 [​IMG] No clue how that happened lol now I have two barred rocks the same age but no red combs as of yet? Someone told me that's when they're ready to lay maybe bc of extra blood flow shrug idk the reason just a guess but my br are vocal gals and I was hoping they would start soon, so is it a waiting game or do they usually trigger each other? Theyve only been laying for about 5 days now. (I know I have no patience but man them eggs are good!)

    Also growing up all our chickens (we had 60 plus at a time) layed in the early morning mine lay whenever lol up till dusk. Is that normal?
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    Hens lay throughout the day, if they are daily layers than the egg is layed about an hour or two later each day until they hold for the next day. It takes roughly 26 hour for an egg to be produced.

    Combs are used as a visual indicator of sexual maturity, being fertile, and of health. So as a hen gets ready to lay her comb enlarges and becomes bright shiny red which is a sign for the rooster that she is ready to be mated. When they get sick or go out of lay for any reason the comb shrinks and loses some color and becomes waxy, which indicates that they are no longer producing and most roosters won't mate them at this time.
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    New layers can take some time before they mature into a regular cycle. As their bodies finish maturing, they will get more regular. Laying eggs 12 hours apart, shell-less eggs, and double yolkers are all normal for young pullets just starting to lay.
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    Barred Rocks, especially quality heritage birds, will take longer to start laying, as they take longer to mature than strictly egg breeds.

    A good layer will lay 4-5 eggs a week, an excellent one 5-6. You may get 7 eggs a day from hybrid layers like Isa Browns, but they also age quickly and stop laying at a younger age.
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    Thank you all!

    My EE in the end of this video is she just dust aka sand bathing since I'm in sw florida lol?
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    Jun 7, 2016
    Also to add that my girls are free range until bedtime so I get one egg a day in the nest I search the yard but I also have a cluster banana tree they love to hide in hoping no eggs in there lol guess I'll smell them after too long if so lol

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