So I'm dog-sitting...

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    May 2, 2009
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    My friend needed someone to dog sit for her while she went out of sit for 3 days. She told me how sweet, friendly and lazy her beagle is, and it was the day before she had to leave and she was desprate, so I stepped up and told her I would watch him.

    Well he arrived this morning. What she didn't tell me is how UNTRAINED he is. [​IMG] And lazy?? HA! I tried walking him to relieve some energry, and the whole time he was choking himself and pulling at the lead (despite me trying to correct him ever 2 min), he jumps all over my 3 year old and OMG! He IS nice amd sweet, he is just a young, untrained beagle. Now I am stuck with him til friday night...

    Any ideas? I would like to let him to take walks or even let him run around on a lead line, but he doesnt even know the word "come". I love dogs, but in the few hours he has been here, he has completely over-whelmed my hubby (he is not a dog person). Thank you in advance my BYC friends! [​IMG]

    *Note: I did grow up with dogs, but I haven't had one in over 5 years, so I am a bit rusty. [​IMG]
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    Are there any dog parks in your area? You could find them with a google search. Then he could run off some steam. He's probably also very excited to be in a new place, new people, etc. Even the most laid back dog will be super excited in that situation for the first day or so (I've been a pet sitter for over two years). He may not even calm down until half way through the last day he's there!
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    Beagle owner here.......Don't trust him for a second, he will follow his nose and be 5 miles away before you know it. Our Belle is lazy around the house..but a spaz in new surroundings. I think he will settle down a little, probably about the time for him to go home. [​IMG]

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    I feel for you... Just keep doing what your doing to help with his energy.. I am sure the pup is enjoying the play time.. annoying I know.. thats why we keep out door dogs only... plus I am at that point in my life where puppies and the puppy energy drive me crazy.. Happy trails for the days you have him.. lol

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    May 2, 2009
    Maine, USA
    Well he is starting to calm down some, I had to RUN him (on his leash) around my property several times, but by the end he was running beside me (with slack in the leash!! [​IMG] ). Lol, too bad I am out of shape and was panting myself by the end of it! [​IMG]

    He is a sweet doggie, I just wish I knew how to train him a bit better so he isn't jumping on my 3 year old and scratching her... [​IMG]

    Thank you guys for your replies so far!! I apperciate it!
  6. AngieChick

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    You can try feeding him for the day by scattering dog food all over the yard, and I mean Easter egg hunt style ALL over. That will force him to use his nose, which he will LOVE. They also make a cube that you can put food in and they have to roll it around outside to get it to come out. Seeing a theme here? Beagles love food.

    Don't let him off leash outside of fencing for a second, he will go and go and go and go...

    If you take him for a walk, take some treats with you for his undivided attention. You may need to run him instead of walk him.

    I love my old beagle, but after 13 years with him he's finally calmed down [​IMG] He's still stubborn and food obsessed, but he's not nearly as high strung as he used to be.

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