So I'm taking waiting list orders.


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
So, I've got to get together a waiting list of sorts,

this is for Virginia only, as I would not, nor do I know how to ship live animals.

this here waiting list is for the up coming ducklings I'm going to be having, Firstly I've got a little mallard duckling due to hatch on the 29th, Becca says I cannot keep it, and I know as much as I'm going to love the little dude to pieces, I don't want anymore standard mallards, so he'll need a home, if all goes right, he'll be ready a week after hatch.

second, I've got my broody Mouse setting on her nest, since the 20th. I'm expecting 17 babies, but y'all know how that goes, some may not hatch.

these babies are abit different, most of them will be purebred mallard, but 2-3 of them MAY be mixbreeds(Jacobi,Big Lenny,Mojo, and Lil' all got ahold of her one day, then her last egg was possibly Big Lennys egg)

a few babies could be Mallard x call duck, PekinxAncona, or Crested pekin.

these babies should hatch 2 or 3 days after easter, and will be ready to go after they're a month old. a reason for that is because this is Mouses first clutch, but mostly all of my momma raised babies will be like that,raised til they're on thier own, I mean, they did all the work. though depending on how many hatch, I may be willing to pull a few after a couple days.

if you are interested,post here, or message me, and title it, "interested" and I'll keep it.

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