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Aug 3, 2011
Wiltshire, UK
Had a tiny thermometer and hydrometer arrive today, checked it was right then checked my incubators, they are both rcom mini 3 egg incubators but I was aware they felt different temperatures. This is what I found:

Incubator one: Humidity 65% ,Temperature 35 degrees celcius - should be 37
Incubator two: Humidity 38% ,Temperature 37 degrees celcius....

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH why me??!! Great, two incubators that each are half crap, they are automatic humidity and automatic temp regulating and I can't do anything about it. Now what do I do.
38% humidity is fine if you're doing dry hatch, in fact it's pretty ideal! Just add something wet in there for lockdown...I know it's small but maybe some wet paper towels?
Yep, thats what I thought I should do, I've just had an unsuccessful batch in incubator 1 - only one egg made it to lockdown then pipped internally before it had turned to face the air sac so had nothing to breathe.

The batch in incubator 2 is now on day 11 or 12 - I have the dates written down by the incubator but can't be bothered to go look right now, and I have 3 wriggling around strong this time. So fingers crossed.
i dont see why people buy expensive incubators. my neighbor hatched chicks with a powerful 250 watt bulb hanging over an egg carton filled with eggs. it cost like 10 dollars vs. the 150 for an incubator
I bought both mine second hand off ebay, I tried making my own years ago, to hatch quail eggs, had a thermometer to check the temp was right and kept a dish of water in there. I didn't have access to the internet back then but followed instructions from a book. Every single egg dried up. I couldn't find out what went wrong or anything, so this time round I decided to get one that did everything for me, also space is very very limited here so it had to be something small too.
I have 2 cats that would eat newly hatching chicks in anything that wasn't safely behind bars etc so it also had to be secure, and a 3 year old that is an accident waiting to happen so I couldn't have a random set up, it had to be very very secure and easy to put out of reach while still being able to check on it.
These ticked all the boxes.

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