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Jun 1, 2008
I got a call from the school nurse a few minutes ago. Apparently, according to her, the children are not allowed to color their hair for holidays. She called because my son told her his sister was coming in later the same way and tell me not to color her. She had already taken in upon herself to wash him
. My dh called her back and asked her why we weren't notified before they even touched him and her response was "I probably should have called you first". Now here's the thing. My mother was a noon aide at the school before she got on the school board, and told me that kids frequently came in with colored hair, i.e. holidays, sports, etc....We checked her policy books and no where does it say anything about coloring hair. Now I will say I went overboard and their eyebrows, ears (wanted to look like leprechauns) and such had some color, but I would have agreed to have them wash their faces. We have had problems with his teacher before, telling him it's not her problem he didn't get a snack milk (she doesn't oversee it, just let's the kids help themselves) that we paid for. I am fuming that my poor son had to go through this, and his teacher better not be the one that sent him, because with everything else she has said/done to him I am going to file a harrassment claim. A quick background on my son. He is well above average, we had to push the teacher to get him into gifted and talented because she couldn't be bothered with the responsibility of reminding him to go. He is a sweetheart (I am not blind, but am told this by every teacher he had and any adult that interacts with him) and very well behaved. I just needed to vent
off to school.....
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Aug 23, 2008
It's crazy what they will make a big deal about. If they didn't want the kids getting all dolled up in green then they should have sent a note home will all the students. I would want to know what they washed his hair with and how they did it. Most schools don't have shampoo there or hot water at the sink.


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Sep 19, 2008
School policy in our town is no hair color other than a "natural" color. So they can go from blond to black, brown to red, etc but no wild colors even on holidays. This does not apply to high school though, there they allow it unless it would be a distraction from the class, which in your case-eyebrows, etc.......might be! Sorry!!! Our school would send the kids home though, they would not wash the childs hair, I think that is something a little overboard but at least it kept him in school!


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Jan 16, 2009
I used to work for a school district and it was inappropriate for the school to wash your sons hair. They need only to call his contacts and have him picked up.
I would not bother with the teacher, let your district handle that. However, I would go straight to the Board of Education in your district and file a formal complaint against the school and the individuals involved in the incident.
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Nov 19, 2008
Is there really no fun and creativity allowed in public school??
Sorry, I would be filing a complaint too!


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I don't know what the school policy is, but I'm pretty sure they can't touch your kid without permission. I don't know how old this kid is, but washing his hair for him seems over the line. I will go on to say that our school has a pretty clear policy on "non-distracting" hair color, and its in the student handbook which both parent and child must sign. If the nurse overstepped, it is certainly not the teacher's problem.


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Apr 2, 2008
Hmmm... Interesting. You only need look at my signature to see where I'd stand on the issue!

It is funny though, that they are so worried about "distractions". How do they define "distraction"? I think everything we do in homeschool would quite possibly be called a distraction. And they are forever telling us homeschoolers that our kids "don't socialize" but it seems to me that "socializing" is off limits at "real" school anyway.

I don't get it, truly I don't.

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Mar 28, 2008
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After reading this it makes me over flow with happiness that I home school!!! They should have never touched your child. And what is the big deal anyways? It is a holiday. Would they have sent him home is he was wearing all green!!! Oh my! Good luck to you!


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Jul 31, 2008
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im afraid there is not! i attend a public school and i hate to say it but this is not very strange! we are not allowed to dye our hair any unnatural colors. one of my friends came to school with this blue japanese style hair. she was suspended until it was dyed back to a natural color. u have to wait 2 weeks before u can dye again! and then also gum in the hair is bad! kids actually stick chewed up gum in the persons hair just to be mean! it has happened to me! the school nurse actually tried to cut my hair without calling my parents! do u have any idea how short my hair would have been?? anyway schools are crazy now adays! also if anyone attacks u in the hall (which happens a lot in upper grades) u cant defend urself! in school there is no self defense! the school system makes me so mad! but i endure it no matter how senseless the staff can get!


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Wow I would be taking the roof of that school ... kicking but and taking names
. also I would be calling my lawyer before I went and find out all legal action that could be taken .. yes if it is in the book so be it BUT DO NOT TOUCH MY CHILD..
..I can guarantee it would not happen again... good luck ..
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