So many questions, new duckling owner

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    Hi there, everyone calls me Red.
    So what happens was.... I went into tractor supplies to get fees and other stuff for my other animals. My kids saw ducklings and then I did and boy was I in trouble. These little baby' looking up at me. I just had to give it a go. I got 4 and got everything I needed for 5 day old ducklings. Built them a nice big home as soon as I got back. They are thriving. I just have questions lol lots of them. I was told that duck forum was the place to go.
    So here it goes....
    Daughter 1 duckling is yellow and names snowflake
    Daughter 2 duckling is very little all black named munchkin
    Son duckling is yellow no name yet lol
    And my duckling is black and yellow and is the biggest. Name Stark.
    • daughter1 duckling is getting bald spots around it'
    Wings, had a dark yellow spots on its body in thinkng areas. Why is this and what can I do?
    • I believe stark is a boy. All three follow him every where... He follows me lol. Why would they follow him and fuss all over him? Is it because he is a boy. I think he is. I tried to look but I was scared to hurt em.
    Can anyone help me on this.
    Thanks bunche
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    Noodling and is the Brooder too warm..Possibly losing down to get feathers?...A picture would help..
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