So my honey looked at me and said...


9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
"What do you think of BLACK AND WHITE cows?"
... "Did you buy a cow....?"
"Is it black and white?"
"What is it?"
This is when he held up his hands about a foot and a half apart and said, "It's about this big."
" bought a calf?"
"Where am I supposed to keep the calf?"
"Where it is until we get our two acres."
"...why did you get a cow?"
"So you can raise it and have milk."
"So... I have a cow now?"
"Well, yeah."
"Can I have a mother cow too? I want milk now."


I guess... I have cows.
I'm excited! Haha, but I don't even have acreage and have two cows? And he started going on and on about how, "You can give it love every day so it's super tame and it'll be friendly and you can pat it and you'll be so happy! I'll even milk it!" (lol at the last bit...)

D: They make so much milk. I'm guessing he bought me Jerseys. Weird husband. Diamonds? No. Flowers? No. Here's a dairy cow.

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