So my neighbor told my daughter she has a chicken

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    My daughter was next door talking to the neighbor kid. (same house that caused me so much trouble about my dog- in the 'gotten myself into a pickle' thread). And the neighbors friend was over there. She asked my daughter what pets she has.

    My ten year old said, " A few dogs, and a few cats".
    Neighbor said, "AND YOU HAVE A HEN TOO".

    Neighbors friend said, "Oh! You have a chicken?"

    My daughter, who has been trained well [​IMG], responded, "Well, yeah but we are raising her to give to my uncles farm because they are illegal here."

    Neighbors friend said, "Oh no- you can keep chickens here now, just not roosters. They are legal now."

    Well, my daughter couldn't wait to tell me. When she came home she called me at work to tell me. It's not true- they are not legal here now. However, I think it is fantastic that my problem neighbors now think they are because their own friends told them so. [​IMG]
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    That's just great. Some people step in it more than others. Serves your neighbor right. She opened her big mouth and got herself fooled. [​IMG] You didn't even have to try.
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    Works for me! [​IMG]

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