So now I'm a little nervous!!!

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    I got an incubator for Christmas (LG Model 9200) and have been so excited! I spent a week calibrating and setting up and decided 3 days ago to set 7 eggs. I mentioned it to a couple of my kids' teachers (we homeschool but w/a virtual school so we're on webcams and such) and they thought it would be a great "class project" to follow our hatching. I am so excited....then I realized...what if none of them hatches?!?! [​IMG] Now I'm a bit nervous. It's my first hatch and the pressure is on. Any advice from vet hatchers? Am I just working myself up? It will be what will be right? [​IMG]
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    It will be what it will be, and no matter what happens, it will be a teaching moment. I suggest you prepare for all eventualities and how you will handle them if they occur. Your attitude will probably have more of an effect on the kids than the results.

    Thanks for doing this. I consider it a good thing. You may be able to help prevent this.
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