...so people ask, "what kind of chickens do you have?"...

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    Really, if I don't have a picture it is hard to tell. So I will just show pictures. Some are purebred birds like Phoenix, most of them have some odd traits. Most of them are crossbred. I also have longcrowers (denizli and tomaru) which are unique because of the long crows they are capable of.

    my main objective in breeding is to get the long tail genes and the long crowing genes (along with a few other neat genes) into the same bird. or family of birds rather. Here is what I am working with.

    "Star"...bbred phoenix with some comb effecting gene. I think it is the same as the buttercup.

    In this picture "Junior" a friend gave this bird to me and I use him a lot. I like his big earlobes and walnut comb and black skin.
    the hen is a Denizli X Sumatra cross. That color is blue splash.


    Another Denizli. This one is the daddy to most of my Denizli crosses.

    Tomaru rooster.
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    They are beautiful! That first rooster is on fire..gorgeous. [​IMG] I really like your splash sumatra gal too. Thanks for sharing your pics.

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    Thanks Jody. The splash hen is actually only half sumatra. That is why her tail is so high. Her daddy is the second Denizli rooster pictured.
    Strange I know. I was surprised to see a splash (or any blue at all for that matter) to come like it did. Neither parent appeared to have any blue in it at all, and no other sibling OR half siblings of this hen are blue. There is a name for that...
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    LOVE the long tails. Just gorgeous. Makes them seem very regal doesn't it?
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    I just say "we have the kind that don't lay eggs"!! (Dratted freeloaders!)

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