so sad my baby died


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
So I had this beautiful cochin bantam named Dolly. She was only about 4 weeks old. When I went to check on all my baby chicks I found her under the light smashed. It was awful. The worse part was this was my 2 yr old daughters favorite chick. She took it everywhere with her, that's how it got its name Dolly. Here is a pic of my daughter with Dolly.

In this picture she told me that she was taking Dolly to meet her cousin Ava.
I had to tell my daughter that Dolly missed her mommy so I took her back where we got her from so she could sleep with her mommy. Gina, my daughter, was so sad that she started crying. Now I have to find a replacement for her. Hoping to find 1 just like Dolly, then maybe I will be able to tell her it's Dolly and she came back to live with us. Is that story wrong? She I of told her something else? My heart is just broken for my daughter and Dolly.
RIP Dolly, we loved you so much
That is so sad.
Your poor little girl, she loved little Dolly. I don't think that story is so bad, after all, you are trying to protect her. She has a whole life ahead of her to learn about "death".
-gasp- im so sorry about your loss
Dolly is having fun with all kinds of 'Buff' Roosters (lol) in the big chicken run in the sky.
shes in a better place

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