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    Mar 10, 2011
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    My kids decided they love the chickens and they are interested in showing through 4-H and maybe other venues. I decided I wanted them to show a bantam breed because I didn't want them intimidated by the large fowl breeds. After much deliberation over Faverolles, Silkies/Sizzles and Cochin/Frizzle Cochin, they decided they like the fluffy Cochins! My daughter is more interested in the frizzled and my son likes the smooth. Let me tell you, I was totally thrilled about their breed choice because I already wanted Cochin bantams. The neighbor has 3 standard hens - a buff, partridge and blue and I just adore them!

    I do feel a little overwhelmed all of a sudden. I just got my first chickens this year and I have learned a lot so far. I mean, when I do something, I do it big anyways. Now this took me by surprise because the chickens are my thing. Other than looking and "awwww"ing over the chicks, they didn't have any involvement (because it was my project and I didn't really include them - bad mom, I know). I know nothing of showing chickens. I don't know the breed standards or approved colors. I do know that both kids like the Lemon Blue. If we venture out of the 4-H scene, which I more than likely will, what should I expect? I mean, what do you do? What do the kids do? I say I'll more than likely expand from 4-H because if the chicken world is anything like the horse world, in 4-H, if mommy and daddy don't have the money to spend $50k on a horse or know people, you aren't going anyplace. We don't have that kind of money and I don't want my kids held back because of our income. (The kids are supposed to learn and have fun anyways - why such politics?)
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    [​IMG] Glad to hear the kids are getting into it! 4-H and FFA are great groups to join. Look up your breed's parent club online, read the standard of perfection for the breed and go from there. There are also many folks on here that can help you get started too, be sure to check out the threads pertaining to your breed and variety. Don't feel like a bad Mom for not including them in your project! They have to get the interest on their own, no amount of your dreams will get them to do that. When it's their idea and then becomes their passion, then therein lies the path to sucess! Good luck! Have fun! And in the 4-H and FFA, the politics are more or less held at least they were when my kids were little. Most importantly, have FUN!!

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