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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Mak, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Last night, not so much! We haven't gotten the permanent run up for the girls yet, so we decided to try a temporary thing so they can get out of the coop during the day. We put up a dog pen at the pop door and covered part of it with hardware cloth and part with a piece of plywood. I had to "encourage" a few of the now 5 week old chicks to climb out of the door onto the ramp, but they picked up the idea pretty fast. They were having a great time out there! I checked on them frequently out there, and was looking at the coop camera at one point and saw that 3 had figured out how to get back in and find the feeder. Oh, good, I thought. Until I went out later and found 2 of those 3 running around outside the pen. Since it isn't tall enough to take up the full pop door space, when they decided to go back out, they just hopped up onto the top of the hardware cloth and freedom! Good thing chickens don't go far! Got them back in the pen and all was well. Until...

    We were going out last night and we were supposed to get bad storms, so I needed to get them back in the coop before we went. Most of them came back up the ramp for treats, but a few just would not. (Sidebar: How do they know? If I just went out there to feed treats, they would all be all over me. But I wanted to get them back in the coop and these few were having none of it!) I ended up pulling the plywood off the top, crawling into the pen under the hardware cloth on my hands and knees, dropping the ramp and grabbing them that way! Ok, chicks in the coop, pop door closed, off we went.

    On the way home, I pulled up the coop camera on my phone, and no chicks in sight! I can't move the camera from my phone, but I could see most of the floor where they had all been sleeping up to now. I was in a panic! Did the auto pop door thing misfire and open it again? Are they outside in the dark? And, omg!, I left the pen open since they were going to be locked in the coop! Hubby was being patient, and I was trying not to be too fidgety, especially when we hit traffic. Got home, checked- they were all up on the roosts or the ladder! First time they've done that, and after I posted yesteday asking what to do about getting them to use the roosts! Again, how do they know??? [​IMG]

    They are going to drive me crazy! (-er) [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    They always seem to know when to be difficult!

    I let my pure Ameraucana's out to free range for their first time a few weeks ago. (they were 20 weeks old) I got all of them back in but 1. My run is fenced off with non climb field fencing. I followed her around and got close enough, went to grab her and she freaked. I did not think it was possible, but somehow she squeezed herself through the gap in the fencing. So, a 20 week old Ameraucana CAN fit through field fencing when she really wants to. I was amazed. Silly girl.

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