So upset- incubator got hit

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    Jan 1, 2017
    EDITED TO CORRECT HOW FAR EGGS ARE. My husband called this morning and said my cousins dog ran in the house and knocked down a lot of things. He was in a hurry so didn't get to check the incubator. When I got home this afternoon it was the first thing I looked at and I'm devastated. It was definitely hit by the dog. The eggs inside were a mess. Most of them were knocked out the egg Turner. I have two duck eggs on day 15 and 26 chicken eggs on day 8. One chicken egg was cracked(I candled it and there was a baby in there [​IMG]). I put all the eggs back in the egg Turner and candled some. My ducks were still moving around in their eggs. Do you think my babies will be ok? I guess I should throw any ones that are cracked? Some of the eggs just didn't look right to me but this is my first time. Any way to tell which ones were affected and may have died from the ordeal.
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    Paint the cracks with liquid skin.
  3. When your uncertain, best thing to do is wait and candle again in a few days.....the liquid bandaid could help you? Although I am no expert.....Never give up unless you have too?

    Best of luck.....

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    Mend the crack. Some have used regular tape, liquid bandage, or clear nail polish, depending on the size of crack. I had an egg get crushed on day 18 and I covered it in plastic wrap and she hatched fine.
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    Thanks for the advice!

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