So we candled our duck and giant eggs...


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8 Years
May 18, 2011
I was very happy as 6 of the 9 Harlequin eggs are go for launch... we got very strong veins across them and they looked great! out of the 12 Cauga eggs though, there was some sadness... we have 3 we were unsure of, one had broke early on, and the other 8 were unfertile. Sad, but I am going to get more eggs, so the wife tells me...
The Jersey Giants were a we hard to call as they had really heavy and dark shells, but we put 16 out of 22 back in the incubator. Not bad on that run.

The wife is tickled as out of 6 eggs she put in from Chris Peach, we have 5 new Jersey Giants in the brooder.

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