So we rescued a dog.......

AllenK RGV

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Jul 23, 2017
Deep South Texas Laureles,TX 10A
We know he was stolen from someones yard. We can't find the original owner. He is HW positive and requires additional vet care. Believe it or not our president made this the most desired animal to have(Belgian Mallonios). He is a great animal but I don't trust him, the chicken don't trust him, the cats don't trust him and we do not trust him unsupervised. He is just an independant thinker of an animal. Regardless he is microchipped and highly trainable at 2 years old. Fully vetted and neutered if anyone has an interest in Balless Beau please respond as we can figure out transport.

He is now a chicken safe animal. He deserves better than us.
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