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  1. My daughter is getting older every year, and while we've accomplished a LOT in her short lifetime (15yrs this year) we still have to do some sewing projects together. We normally shop at ROSS for these kind of things, spending less than $20 on average for the prettiest dresses, but this isn't about the money, it's about the experience.

    Incidentally, if we fail miserably, we'll be headed to ROSS to find a replacement! [​IMG]

    I thought it might be fun to post our process/progress for others who might want to undertake something like this, AND so that we can gain some guidance from you self-made sewing experts out there.

    This dress is for her Military Ball held this December.
    Here is the basic concept for the dress, although we have not yet decided where to place the waistline quite yet
    I intend to also make a "capelet" a short cape with single button which is the Navy's Fouled Anchor (she is a Chief) to fasten around the neck, of hopefully the same material as the dress top.

    Now... we're almost total novices, I have little experience on a home sewing machine, only making toddler clothes, doll clothes etc. My machine is going off for a tune-up before we start this. I have lots of experience with heavy duty fabrics & industrial machines. I've made many swimsuits & dance wear but only by sewing by hand. I'm a quick learner and have a talent for "making things work" so in addition I've also been "consuming" every episode of Project Runway on TV that I can find on rerun. I've downloaded a lot of youtube videos and will continue to do so as needed.

    Earlier this week, we purchased the fabrics
    Top: Black satin with velvet like swirls, I think it is called Jacquard. I can't find an actual swatch but it's similar to this with thicker swirls
    Skirt Overlay : Sheer Fuchsia with Sparkles
    UnderSkirt : Wine colored silk type
    We also have a small piece of trim, about 1/2 wide which is white with so many silver & shiny stones that it looks silver and has an alternating black stones around it as well. We may or may not use this at the seam between the top & skirt.

    This weekend, we will be making a Duck Tape Dress Form to begin. We have purchased 9 rolls of white duck tape & 3 bags of stuffing (we will make one for me too at some point) and will probably use half of those materials on just her form. I haven't settled on the base for it as of yet, but we will be making wire framework to add to the bottom to be sure that it is the correct shape at the bottom, and that the plywood base is also the correct shape (not round!).
    (this is also the same women who I am following on general sewing & dress making)

    Ok.. so that's where we are on that project! I will take a few photos along the way to liven up this thread.

    Looking forward to moral support, advice & tips from ALL of you
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    that is a nice dress, but it seems kind of adult for a 15 year old.
    good luck with your project though, i love sewing! [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Wow.. really? I take it you haven't been prom dress shopping for a teenager lately. They are OUT OF CONTROL NAKED!!! I mean.. we have serious clothes rules here, NOTHING tight, no midriffs, fingertip or longer shorts & skirts(not even allowed to wear skirts to school), feet covered, etc.. and with formal wear we also have a rule... one point of exposure.. top or bottom NOT both.

    This dress seemed like a fine compromise... neck, arms and a little chest and nothing else, including no cleavage!! I should also add she's a slim girl.. 5'7 or so and 125 lbs soaking wet, so there isn't going to be any bulging or excess [​IMG]
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    trust me, i am totally the wrong person to ask and my girl wear dresses that are mid calf and i dont allow ANYTHING sleeveless for her or my boys..i am so outdated, i know!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. TammyTX

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    The dress looks very nice and I can't wait to watch your progress. I have minimal skills at best.

    Really pretty fabric, too.

    You're right, we are used to seeing movie stars "bulging" out of those types of dress but that's because they cut them down to their belly-button!

    Don't forget her foundation pieces! Have her try them on with the dress.

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  6. Quote:Thank you!
    Are you referring to the undergarments? I have a black corsette bra thing that should be the exact fit, we're going to try that and I thought I could just put it onto the dress form and maybe even attach the dress to it to create a built in! But for sure so we can keep with the correct fit.
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    I think the dress is going to be BEAUTIFUL! Good Luck and hope to see pics. when your done!
  8. Scrambled Egg

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    It will be lovely!!!! An updo hairstyle and a nice manicure with some subtle makeup and killer pumps..perfect for some lifetime memories!! [​IMG]
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    This dress and the materials you chose are gorgeous! I'm so proud of you for doing the project together! I have memories of doing projects like this with my mom and I cherish those moments.

  10. Thanks everyone for the moral support [​IMG] I can always count on my BYC pals!!!

    She has some silver strappy sandle heels... and I have some in black so I think we'll be good for the shoes, up-do for SURE!!! But no "ringlets" [​IMG]

    I can't wait to get started draping this fabric!! Today is dress form day if all goes well 'on the farm'

    OH.. and last night.. she decided.. EMPIRE WAIST (right under the boobs) so we will now proceed forward, and I will surely have enough fabric for the capelet.
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