So What are the Chances?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by microchick, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. North Eastern Missouri. When I got up this morning the temperature was 22. Our Asian pear trees and peach trees are in full bloom. Probably looking at a dozen trees.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Do you think we have a snowball's chance in July of any of the blossoms surviving? The only thing good was that there was no frost. We have babied these trees for three years. Last year we lost 80% of our crop to weather. This year the trees are just full of blooms. Luckily the apples haven't blossomed yet but we are fighting fire blight in those from the wet summer last year.

    Also does anyone know of a way to force delayed blooming in pear trees? One study I have read says to plant pears in nitrogen poor soil and another one says hit them with nitrogen after harvest and it will delay blooming the following year. I'd really like to get a crop from these trees. The fruit we did get last year was delicious.

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