So..what have you done "TODAY"???


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Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
Today I slept in until 1130..I was exhausted... (been having anxiety attacks the last few days and they wear you out!!)

anyway..I wake the brunch thing...clean up from that..hubby goes to work at 2pm...

I have a large party coming up on I needed to clean up...

so I go downstairs to work on my inventory; I have ran OUT OF ROOM for my inventory.....

this is what I had to work on:

I've got a LOT of that organized and on my shelving...I put homemade chili in the crockpot..
had homemade bread baking in the maker...

I'm ready to hit the couch...I'm exhausted AGAIN....

So, what have YOU DONE???? always interested in seeing/hearing what others have done w/their day...I'm rarely productive enough in my eyes!!
Wow, I'm amazed that you managed to sleep in until 1130... given that it's only 1022 where I am!

Well, today I woke at 0717 and went straight out to check on the chicks in the brooder (top up food and water), the quails outside (ditto), and the chooks in the coop (let out into run, feed). In my nightie and my father's gum boots. Which isn't something I normally do, but I have to wash my hair today, so I didn't bother getting dressed.

Anyway, then I got back into be and curled up against the electric blanket for two hours. Again, not something I normally do... but I wanted a shower to wash my hair and had to wait until everyone else was done and the water and heated up again. Normally, I would go out to the schoolroom and start on schoolwork, usually taking a piece of fruit or something to eat as I do. Since I'm being lazy today, I took a piece of chocolate from what remains of my Easter Chicken back to bed with me.

At 0930, my sister decided to wake up. She normally doesn't wake up until this time, and then complains that she doesn't get all her schoolwork done. Go figure. Anyway, she bounded into my room, far too noisy than I'm sure she should be, and started talking. A lot. Really loudly. So I got up and got in the shower and washed my hair.

In my defence, that took a while. My hair's really thick and reaches to my bum. Hence why I only wash it every two weeks. It'll take all day to dry, too, in this weather (cold and wet... it's winter). Now I'm sitting in bed with my laptop, a towel on my head, feeling really lazy and a little bit ashamed that I'm actually telling you this.

How about I tell you about yesterday? That was a slightly more normal day.

It started at 0630, when I woke up, got dressed, tended to the chicks/quails/chickens/ducks, grabbed something to eat, took my laptop into the schoolroom, and sat down to do schoolwork by 0745. I checked my e-mails, and then the Mosely kids arrived. They don't normally come but my mother had agreed to look after them yesterday. There are four of them, and they're homeschooled, too. 3 boys, aged 13, 11, and 8, and a girl, 6. The oldest boy and my sister (13) 'don't like' each other. Apparently. Yeah, right, we believe that.

Anyway, everyone managed to settle down and do some schoolwork for a bit. The four Moseleys all had lists of what they needed to do during the day from their mother, so they did that pretty well. Pippy, the girl, practiced recorder (she's actually quite good), and then read aloud to my mother. Both in the next room so the rest of us could concentrate. Chelse (13) and Sascha (6) both got on with their maths, and Ashleigh (11) read his assigned reading book and practiced words on his spelling list. Jessica (my sister) drew a cartouche and then did some maths online problems, and I (16, by the way), wrote a speech about Beethoven in German and made cue cards. Just to prove that homeschoolers do in fact do schoolwork (as it happens, Jessica and Chelse are both well into high-school level work although most children their age have just started high school, and Pippy is well beyond her schooled peers when it comes to reading and writing).

All that disintigrated at about 1000. Ashleigh had finished everything on his list of work to do, except a spelling test, and made it his life's work to annoy Jessica, who didn't take it very well. Chelse decided it was his turn to practice recorder, and did so loudly. Pippy was writing a story and needed to read it out to everyone whenever she saw them. I'd finished writing the cue cards and had cleaned out the chick's brooder. Everyone was hungry. Biscuits and cheese were quickly produced, until 1100, when the Moseley's chess teacher turned up. Yay! We had an hour of chess lessons, in which Jessica and I were thoroughly thrashed several times by the Moseley kids, who'd been having chess lessons for a while. Yeah...

Then it was lunch time, which went quite well. Salad, cold chicken, fresh bread... yummy. As much as you can get with five hungry children intent on fighting with each other over the pettiest things. After lunch, my sister put "Horrible Histories at the Proms" on her computer (although she can recite it verbatim) and four of them gathered around it. I went into the next room and practiced piano and then violin. Pippy was still writing her story, and Chelse came in to bug us both after a while. After that, Pippy and I went outside to play with the chicks (who'd been put out on the back lawn for the day). She loves animals, especially small ones. Sascha went out into the poultry yard and kept picking up random chickens. Pippy and I joined him and she wanted to hold the biggest drake we have (go figure). She couldn't, mostly because the drake was probably bigger than she was. After a while we went back inside and I made a PowerPoint to go with the speech, while the others did... something. I don't know, and I don't want to. Then I started on a smocked dress to put in the Show, while Ashleigh found a couple of copies of "Guinness World Records" and kept reading out the most disgusting ones.

I have never been so relieved to see someone than when their mother turned up at 0415. Don't get me wrong, they're all lovely kids, and I enjoy seeing them Sunday mornings (at church) and Tuesday afternoons (at the most regular homeschooling gathering). But having all four of them in close proximity (the same room) for 8 hours gets a bit much...

Then we caught the two cats, who needed 'flu shots, put them in the car, and headed off to French school. That was confusing... normally I make a point to do French homework on Thursdays so my brain's already in the right language... as it was, my brain was partly in German. Ah, well. French School is from 0500 until 0800, so by the time I got home at 0845, I was pretty much ready to drop into bed and fall asleep. Which I did.

Then I woke up, back to the top of the post.
My day started early, like right after midnight. I drove my sister 90 minutes away to keep my mom company in the ER waiting room. My dad fell and we didn't want her alone. I drove them home and got back around 6:30. I fed the turtle and the fishes and went to bed. I woke up at 9:30 and started getting everyone organized on their chores for the day. Did some picking up, swept and mopped the floors. Then I made all the calls to the family to update them. Then I started my 9 year old on making a cake and brownies. Did a load of dishes. Washed my hair. Went to the oral surgeon to have a tooth removed. Went to the grocery. Came home, made dinner, packed up everything needed for the teens in my AHG troop to make a meal for an awards ceremony. Took all of that to the church, assigned all the girls a dish and helped get everything prepped. Then ran back home. Picked up my mom and took her back to the hospital 90 minutes away for another visit. Then drove her back home and FINALLY took my pain pill. At this point I refuse to do anything else.
Lets see my son stalked and pounced on me about 7 am and I spent the next hour and a half working on getting out of bed " yes some days it takes me a few hours to get out of bed" my body was being fairly nice to me today and didnt mind Up as long as it was only for 10=15 minutes at a time so I did a few dishes made something for hyper boy to munch on and turned my eggs there were only 15 or so this morning. After resting for a few hours I made shure my son was dressed , socked , shoed and back packed and walked him to the bus stop, I came home and rested again, usually on a good day this involves me sitting in my reclyner with my lap top reading back yard chickens. "bad days I lay on the couch between haveing to do what needs to be done " I managed to stay awake all day and was rather proud of my self. I got a package of quail eggs from the mail lady and unwrapped them and took pictures and headed out to get my son, we made a 5 minute stop by my moms " she lives in the same building seprate apartment" then came home and showed my son the eggs and got everything set up to put them in the bator Im up to 85 eggs now. My brother in law then called and said he was bring me some more chucker eggs to hatch. I started some eggs to boil and got my son some rice to eat as a snack. Brother and sister in law dropped of the eggs and admired the new quail eggs. Im now up to 105 eggs
. Forgot aobut the hard boiled eggs. Guess what you can boil an egg for over an hour with no ill effects if theres plenty of water
so I learnd something new today . I managed with the help of my boyfriend and a computer game to entertain my son till bed time , I even managed to take a bath and wash my hair three times ( the first two were with body wash cuase I am so exhausted) . I went to bed just after my son did but after laying there for a couple hours I realized I wasnt gonna be able to sleep again so I got some warm rice cearal hopeing it will help me get sleeping and Now im back on back yard chickens.
This is a pretty good day for me , I have many medical issues that end me up a couch zombie on bad days So Im excited that I got to do stuff and have fun today.
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today so far:

grocery shopped
dogs groomed
b'fast with the girls/lunch w/the girls

Hubby getting ready to go to work (2 more days after this..then no more job)
I have a LOT of work to do to get his "mock retirement" party ready for tomorrow...without him knowing about it..
clean, cook for tomorrow, get tables/chairs from the church...

have lots of "prescription" bottles to wash out and relabel...for the prescription "candy" bar tomorrow...
(its walgreens themed...hubbys gonna kill me hehee)

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