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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by SusanJoM, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. SusanJoM

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    I won an auction for a dozen eggs last night. This is the response I got from the seller.

    "Thanks for your rapid payment. I am unfortunately going to have to ship these early next week. The girls only laid me 4 eggs this week which is horrible! I have at least 20 of these birds. I'll keep you posted as to when they go out."

    I don't know what you suggest, but I told the seller than I wasn't going to be interested in those four eggs next week, and that unless her birds suddenly changed their ways and gave her a dozen eggs in a day or two, that I would appreciate a refund.

    Any thoughts?

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  2. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    I think it's fair to ask for a refund since she can't provide the eggs.

    The only exception would be if the auction was for PRE-sales, and clearly stated as such.
  3. hinkjc

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    Jan 11, 2007
    It didn't sound to me like they were saving those 4 old eggs to ship to you. I think they were pointing out that the girls didn't lay well this week and is hoping they will lay better next week to be able to fill your order.

    If I run into this situation as a seller, I typically offer for folks to wait for better laying or offer an immediate refund. I think most sellers are collecting fresh eggs and it is sometimes difficult to gauge how well the hens will lay at the time an auction ends. I would appreciate their honesty and hopefully you can work together for the right solution.

  4. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Ebay sellers have 10 days to ship their items once paid for. I've purchased eggs before, paid immediately and not had them ship until the following week.
  5. Cassandra

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    Oct 27, 2007
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    I think I read that very thing happens to people on here all the time... I mean, that 20 birds who usually lay 15 eggs a day suddenly start laying 4 or 5 (or zero!) eggs a day.

    I haven't bought or sold eggs on ebay, but I think it must be a pretty precarious situation for the seller. She doesn't want to wait until she has the eggs in hand to open an auction--they might be several days old before the auction is over. So you almost HAVE to open an auction with the expectation of shipping eggs that you get immediatly before the auction is over or just after. (Something like counting your eggs before they are layed?)

    That really stinks for you, but I wouldn't necessarily assume that she was being dishonest. She might have just gotten unlucky. If she can get you some fresh eggs and ship them within the next couple of days, I wouldn't think a thing about it.

  6. seriousbill

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    May 4, 2008
    I wasn't going to be interested in those four eggs next week

    I took her message to mean that she was going to ship you the dozen next week, because she only had four this week.

    I agree with Jody that this means a new dozen.

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  7. MandyH

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    I list my egg auction based on the average I get or am used to getting from the girls everyday. If for some reason like the heat, bad weather etc.. should change their laying habits I either do not list until the next week or I pull my auction. I am assuming if she's a good seller, that she is going to send you fresh eggs next week when her girls start laying again regularly.
  8. pips&peeps

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    Jan 18, 2008
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    I also have had this happen to me as a seller. I usually inform the buyer that I will offer a refund, substitutions or ask if they would like to wait.

    I wouldn't want her old eggs either.
  9. SusanJoM

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    You know, I did not assume that this person was going to send me the old eggs, but I did want to make sure that I said that out loud....

    I agree that I think the seller is doing her best to be straightforward and do the right thing.

    If there was any question about that I am going to email her again and remind her that I was really and simply trying to make sure that we both get what we needed and wanted.

    Thanks for all your input. I am going to go and email her again to be sure she knows I was NOT doubting her honesty or her effort.

  10. SusanJoM

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    Here is what I sent to her:

    I reread my response, and I want to make sure that you do NOT think that I was doubting your integrity at all. I was disappointed, and may have sounded harsher than I meant to. I DO want your eggs, and I do NOT mind waiting for them. I do not need you to refund my money if you think it is likely that there WILL be a week in the not too distant future in which you will be able to get me a dozen hatchable eggs.
    Please keep me posted, and hopefully send me some of those wonderful eggs.
    Sooner would be better, but later will be fine.


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