So when you breed chickens in pens....

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    May 5, 2012
    Do they have their own little house to sleep in at night or do they just sleep in the pen or cage?
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    If the pen is in a barn, then the pen might be ok by itself.

    If the cage/pen is in the elements outside, the chickens will need shelter from the wind, rain, sun, cold, etc. and you would need a coop inside the pen.

    Also it must be predator proof. Coops are best because they are tight against predators. 1/2 inch hardware cloth is the only way to go for coop window coverings.

    Usual square foot recommendations on BYC are as follows: 4 square feet per chicken in coop PLUS 10 square feet per chicken in the pen.

    More is better- they always like a larger pen. Free ranging is the greatest, in a chickens' eyes, but you loose some from predation.
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