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    I have a R.C.R.I.R. with a very swolen ankle. NOT bumble foot. Some one suggested a soak that is also a Rx for Koi fish. Now I can't find the page it was on . Can some one tell me what it was. THANKS !
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    A swollen ankle can be caused by several things: Scaly leg mites, gout, tenosynititis, mycoplasma synoviae (MS,) biotin deficiency or injury.
    You are trying to refer to tricide neo which treats bumblefoot without minor surgery. Tricide neo will not treat a swollen ankle. I recommend trying metacam to reduce swelling in case it's an injury. You'll need to see a vet to get it though, or get a script from a vet and order it online.
    Scaly leg mites can be treated with basically any type of oil based products as you probably already know. Gout is mainly caused by too much protein intake. Cutting back on protein intake may help reduce the effects, but I doubt it. Not much you can do about tenosynititis or MS, cull if that's what it is. If it's a biotin deficiency, you can purchase Avian Super Pack and give that to her to drink. Leg and foot injuries require that the bird be seperated and put in a cage or crate for rest and relaxation limiting movement as not to aggravate the injury making it worse. Do not give her anything for pain, you want her to feel pain to prevent her from walking or standing up. You can give her vitamin B complex purchased from a pharmacy which may help speed up recovery. Crush a few tablets into powder and sprinkle it on her feed. Do this for one week. You can give her metacam as well during her confinement. After one week release her and see if there's improvement. If not, cage her again for another week and continue the vitamin B complex treatment. Then release her again and if there's no improvent, it becomes a quality of life decision for your hen whether to cull or not. Leg injuries take time to heal (if this is what it is,) sometimes it might take a week,several months or never. Normally a foot or leg injury will heal within a week or two at the most when confined. I've had very good success treating hens with leg injuries, not roosters though. Lower roosts and remove anything with height that they can jump down from to injure themselves.
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