Socialization, Kiddie Pool and Health Food


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I have a question about diets and socializing birds. I've just bought three welsh harlequins and I have to say they are my pride and joys. Beautiful markings, interesting quack, (I got them older so they don't like me so much yet.) My questions are : Do ducks bought at an older age ever socialize and like their humans? I've had mine for a week, they don't want to be held, they don't want to eat treats from me, they don't even want me sitting next to them in the pen. Can this change for me? What's the best way to get them to the point I can walk into the pen and they come to me or let me pick them up?

My second question is about my female (At the time I have one female and two males, but there is no one that wants the third one that I trust. I'm going to buy another female in about a month or so. Maybe two if I can afford it.) I know I need to start on layer pellets soon. What type should I buy? I tried to buy chicken pellets cause that's all they sell around here but they refused to touch it, they went three days without food. I broke down and bought cracked corn for them. They adore it, but I'm not sure that's a full diet, I know poor nutrition can lead to poor egg laying duck health. What food and how do I get them to eat it?

And last but not least I bought my ducks a kiddie pool because I have no pond to keep them in and don't have the money for a pond right now. What are good ways to drain and keep the pool clean. Draining it makes a big muddy mess. It's hot here, so the heat makes it dry within a few days, then it's time to drain it again. I want everything as sanitary as possible. I've always prided myslef on making stable habbitats for all of the animals in my care and I don't feel I'm doing that for them. I can't build a pond yet but maybe a different pool any ideas are welcome. They have problems getting in and out of the pool too. How do I fix that?

If anyone can help with even one of these questions I'd really appritiate it.

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