socializing chicks with older chicks

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    my black sex links are now almost two weeks old now
    my red sex links are almost five weeks now

    So I have 11 red sex links that are almost five weeks old. My first time having chickens I could not believe how fast they
    are growing. I have 6 black link chicks that are just almost 2 weeks old. I have been keeping them separate because there
    was such a size difference. But from all I have been reading about here and hearing about I should be getting the chicks
    together as soon as possible. I am going to try letting them all have a visit together tonight and then back to separate
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this as easy as possible. I have been putting a couple red sex link in the black area once in a while. For the most part they seem to want to ignore the little chicks. But the black chicks are right up front not wanting the red sex link in their area. They pick at her tail feathers, or flap up in her face. With the size difference I find it odd the older chicks just seem to ignore them.

    I have to say I am loving all of them already. They have such personalities. I have several that just light right up when I come into the room where they are for now. They come to my hand wanting a lift up to the top of their box. Most of them can now fly up. There is even one when I pick her up she cuddles down into my hand and goes to sleep. I can see whey people say it is addictive to have them.

    Thanks everyone for all the advice.
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    I personally wouldn't do individual mingling, I would let them all together to disperse any aggression. If you separate them make sure they can still see each other through a fence. They should get along pretty quickly. The longer you wait the harder it will become as the older ones become more mature and concerned with things like the pecking order.
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